Bikini Girls

Bikini Girls. What do you do when you want to draw girls in bikinis and there's nobody available to pose? Copy poses from girls magazines, off course.

Bikini Girls

Bikini Girls

Summer makes me want to forget about exams and go swimming draw girls in bikinis. I would like to draw some men in swim wear too, but I can't draw the male body too well. Practice, practice. Anyway, here are two bikini girls, the poses stolen from Google image search. And I suspect the bikini girl pictures in Google image search were scanned from girls magazines as well.
Date of the Bikini Girls: June 2005

Bikini Girls

Description of "Bikini Girls"

A rather quick pencil sketch of two cute girls in bikinis. I like the first one, I got the pose right, which wasn't that hard since I was looking a photo of a girl in a bikini, but I am not too fond of the second one. I think I screwed up overdid it with the eyes, no? I like the hair and the bikini though. The pose is pretty well-done too, even though it was the first time I tried to draw a person from this angle. A good thing I got some reference pictures, I would have messed up the bikinis and the chest big time otherwise.

I might draw some more bikini girls in the next days. There's an abundance of pictures of them, which means lots of different poses and styles to try. I am a bit afraid to search too deep in Google Image Search for pictures though, because I am afraid I will find nudity, even though I have the adult filters on.

Keywords for Bikini Girls

Pictures of girls in binkinis and binkini girls, maybe, for those who couldn't spell even if their life depended on it.

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