Bad Girl

Bad Girl. I have long wanted to create a bad ass female character. A really mean, evil, calculating, smug and dangerously attractive girl - that's what I think a real bad girl is, not what *fantasies* men have in their minds.

Bad Girl

Bad Girl

A drawing of a bad girl that took me ~45 minutes to draw. I was inspired by a female Tomb Raider villain - she was blonde, attractive and dressed in sleek black outfits. This girl is what real bad girls should look like.
Date of the Bad Girl: May 2005

Bad Girl

And a combination with another sketch of the same bad girl...

Bad Girls

Description of "Bad Girl"

I like the business suit and her smug smile very much. The eyes and the eyebrows don't look bad either. There's something wrong with the volume of the girl's hair and the face proportions are a bit skewed. I have to keep practising if I want my drawings to become better...

I can't say I don't like this drawing though! The whole bad girl persona is a somewhat original idea of mine, because it's been inspired by many things, rather than ripping off an existing bad ass character.

Keywords for Bad Girl

Girls in business suits, Bad girls are more fun...

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